In the Pipe Insulation Division (lagging) of industrial cold / heat installations, we carry out insulation with various materials and finishes, according to the needs of each installation, customizing every detail of the installation. When insulation is made with polyurethanes, PIR polyurethane is used with AFITI Certificate of European Standard for reaction to fire BL-s1, d0.



Injected polyurethane

Polyurethane shell

Polyurethane + maylar

Elastomeric Insulations (Armaflex)

Different types of fibers and mineral wool (especially suitable for insulating heat pipes)


Aluminum in a variety of colors

Stainless steel

Galvanized Sheet

Lacquered sheet

1. Pipes coated by placing aluminum and subsequent injection of polyurethane.

2. -7ºC glycol water pumping zone.

3. Pipes and tanks insulated by injected polyurethane finished in aluminum.

4. Compressor area, installation of pipes-accumulator connection.


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