Aisproyec S.L. collaborates Guaita – Pedro Lopez – Paco Alcacer campus

Aisproyec S.L., company leader in the manufacture and assembly of cold storage , is pleased to collaborate for 1 time in Campus Vicente Guaita.

Campus Vicente Guaita is a campus with excellent organization and outstanding service that was created from the restlessness of footballer Vicente Guaita and aims to promote and educate healthy children and healthy children , with capacity for effort and sacrifice, in the search for self-improvement using football as a tool for training.

Our beginnings date back to 2011 and after three years of success , Guaita invites his friend Pedro Lopez to an active part of the campus , going to be called in 2014 , Campus Guaita – Pedro Lopez. More than 150 children / as between 3 and 14 enjoyed with their idols. But in 2015 and taking advantage we celebrate our 5th anniversary , we had the pleasure of having the stellar participation of Paco Alcacer , thus becoming the first Campus which features 3 players from first division headlining. And this is how our denomination as it became Campus , Campus Guaita – Pedro Lopez – Paco Alcacer , and this year, for the first time Aisproyec S.L. supports this project.