In its Fluids Division, GRUPO AISPROYEC, S.L. It has a staff of highly qualified and experienced professionals. Backed by the realization of a large number of industrial facilities for years including some of the most outstanding in the food industry, among other sectors.

We work with the best brands and the most sophisticated and advanced equipment on the market to obtain maximum performance with minimum consumption. It collaborates with the main manufacturers in the sector, keeping abreast of new technologies that appear on the market.

Constant and up-to-date training is provided to the staff that guarantees a complete and high-quality service to customers.

The work policy of GRUPO AISPROYEC, S.L. defends as fundamental values to achieve customer satisfaction:

  • Personalized attention and advice.
  • Quality, speed and service.
  • Absolute confidentiality.
  • Detailed studies and effective solutions.
  • Analysis and study of each installation.
  • Project realization and necessary technical documentation.
  • Work execution.

Commitment to the objectives of our clients. Installations that improve productivity, safety and energy and economic savings; always taking into account the environmental commitment of today’s society.

GRUPO AISPROYEC, S.L. Its main objective is to create facilities with the highest profitability and quality for its customers and sets the long term as a goal both for the proper functioning of its facilities and in the collaborative relationship with customers.

The offer of facilities is permanently renewed based on new technologies. Therefore, the development of products, procedures and features is continuous. The result of our effort is illustrated by the references of our clients, who have placed their trust in our solutions.

For all this, and with the conviction that there is still much to be done, our company does not give up its efforts to improve facilities, services and industrial processes in order to offer its customers current, high-performance and efficient technology. unmatched ease of operation and maintenance.


The Fluid Division of GRUPO AISPROYEC, S.L. covers the following fields:

  • Production and distribution of STEAM
  • Production and circuits of THERMAL OIL
  • GAS Receiving Facilities
  • ACS (Sanitary Hot Water) and Superheated Water
  • Fire Protection: PCI
  • VACUUM circuits
  • SOLAR ENERGY circuits
  • Cleaning circuits of hot water, cold water, CIP
  • Water treatment: OSMOSIS, SOFTENERS

Our work system includes:

• Lined with pillars with a round sandwich panel whenever possible.

• Sealing of the panel joints with neutral silicone: It does not age or yellow.

• Solid base concave sanitary profiles, preventing dirt from accumulating inside and making them more resistant, in addition to avoiding thermal bridges in the fixing of the ceilings.

• Elimination of thermal bridges in the junctions between corner panels and wall-ceiling, injecting with insulating foam and casing them.

• Realization of vapor barriers for insulating and waterproofing floors avoiding humidity, soil breakage and temperature losses.


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