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Moisture is the water content in the air. Moisture can affect the quality of stored products and marketing conditions. Certain production processes require storage or controlled humidity level and very low. Moisture can contribute to the acceleration of corrosion processes on metals and generates condensation and puddles that can affect the safety of people in their jobs. The condensation temperature below 0 ° C generates frost and ice reduces the effectiveness of refrigerating equipment, malfunctioning doors, poor visibility in fog chamber and false detections into automatic pallet handling operations.

The Aisproyec Group solves these problems with its exclusive technology dehumidification AP-PowerDry.

The desiccant dehumidification technology AP-PowerDry rotor is treating air by passing it through a perforated disk of silica. All the water carried by the air is retained in the disc. The water particles are expelled outside through the regeneration process of the rotor.

“A machine for every installation”

Each facility has a moisture requirements for their processes. The humidity control is dimensioned according to parameters such as volumetric air to be treated, conditions desired humidity, estimated air infiltration, geographical location, environmental conditions outside, sealing and insulation level facilities and number of accesses dimensions thereof and opening maneuvers. The Aisproyec Group has an extensive range with different flow rates to cover the work.

“If not, we see”

If your need is not covered by our range of machines, our engineering team will collect all the data necessary to calculate and size the installation as well as the most suitable machine for your needs.

“Total Control electronics”

Our machines have an electronic control system of last generation that sets us apart from our competition.

The object:

A friendly man-machine interface.
Greater reliability and durability of the components.
Ease of regulation.
Fault detection and alarms.

To achieve this goal our machines are equipped with:

Regeneration temperature control with PID controller with autotuning. Maximum energy efficiency.
Exclusive design regeneration chamber makes it a machine with high energy efficiency.
Touch screen monitoring, configuration, visualization of alarms and indications for preventive maintenance.
Activating regeneration resistors solid state contactor. Durability of resistance and drive. Lower maintenance costs.
Control of fan speed by inverter for a better fit installation.
You can be connected to Ethernet setting up a complex network of machines with centralized control.
Temperature sensors, moisture detection and inductive ensure that our machines run at full capacity.

“Committed to energy efficiency”

If your site has facilities for natural gas steam or surplus heat or even scrapping, in the Aisproyec Group we propose energy efficiency solutions with heat recovery, economizers use of regeneration systems using gas and steam ensuring better efficiency of our equipment.
Consult our engineering team and offer the best solution.

“Easy to install, easy to implement, easy to maintain”

Our machines are easy to install and yet are easier to implement and be regulated. In any case our S.A.T. You will be happy to help and provide quality after-sales service.

The AP-Powerdry machine is ready to operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The reliability of our products is paramount. Not because it requires high costs of maintenance. The main task of maintenance to do is check the status of the filters and replaced when they are saturated. Blade life drying proper use of the machine can be more than 8 years.

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Date:  29 September, 2015
Skills:  Deshumidificacion
Tags:  deshumidificacion, deshumidificacion valencia
Client:  Aisproyec S.L.