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AISPROYEC GROUP, SL It has a long experience in the design and assembly of chambers and cold rooms with panel “sandwich”.

For these jobs we panels insulating core of polyurethane foam (PUR) but also have the latest technology with the insulating core panels with polyisocyanurate (PIR) with the same insulation is achieved but increased fire resistance (B, S1, D0).

But most important for good insulation is not only the best quality materials but with a facility to ensure an excellent experience assembling materials. The Aisproyec Group, S.L. has a team that started the project by making a personalized study for each of our clients ensuring that they offer the best solutions for each site and continues with a group of professionals with extensive experience in all types of facilities giving security to our all customers that the product is correctly assembled.

Our work system includes:

• Lined pillars “sandwich” panel round whenever possible.

• Sealing joints of panels with neutral silicone: not age or yellow.

• Health Profiles concave solid base, preventing dirt from accumulating inside and make them more resistant, and avoid thermal bridges in securing roofs.

• Elimination of thermal bridges in meetings between corner and wall panels, ceiling, and insulated foam injecting cajeándolos.

• Making vapor barriers for isolated and waterproofing avoiding soil moisture, breaks down and temperature loss.


Dismantling covered with asbestos cement; preparation and presentation of asbestos removal plan; micro encapsulated surface; removal of asbestos cement, asbestos measurements (environmental and personal); macro encapsulated and limited storage area; transport and waste management; emission of waste management documentation completely finished, under current legal regulations.

AP-PIR covered with CT, especially designed for creating panel covered; thanks to its system of longitudinal union machihembrada any problem of leaks in the roof is completely eliminated. In addition, the polyisocyanurate acts as insulation preventing moisture and condensation. Because of its light weight, high strength and ease of assembly, the cover panel Aisporoyec is ideal for any structure, including lighter.

Cover panel AP-PIR F, special treatment completion tight and waterproof; for each particular case a careful study of climatic and environmental conditions in which they will install both internal and external is performed.

Facing / Hanging

Facades and panel enclosure with AP-PIR, profiled or smooth finish (wide color gamut) micro, installed horizontally or vertically; panel thickness of 35 mm to 200 mm; depending on the environmental conditions to which it is intended to work within the system (freezing, conservation …); pre primed lacquered sheet the unseen side to ensure adherence to the plate with the polyisocyanurate foam; and primer on the outer face’s modified polyester paint. For closing warehouses, stores … have joined three key concepts: functionality, aesthetics and of course, quality. The panels have an advanced system of tortilla hidden by flashing for creating uniform facades with joints fully camouflaged and combine different colors of panels.

Cameras / COLD STORE

Suspension of ceiling structure made for each particular case, calculating the weight of the panel taking into account the extent and thickness.

Boards meet concave wall-ceiling angle along with health and hygiene standards for agro-food industry; ceiling with the proper thickness from 60 to 200 mm, according to estimates and projections of the weight of the equipment to be suspended from the ceiling panel; considering the insulation function thereof, and mechanical strength.

Mounting controlled atmosphere chamber for conservation, refrigerators AP-PIR panel; special sealing joints controlled atmosphere, pressure testing and verification of total sealing. Such facilities are made mostly in horticultural installations; this technique regulatory control of physical variables such as ambient temperature, humidity and air circulation, etc.

Pillars and joints meeting semicircular wall-ceiling finish fulfilling health and hygiene regulations.

Floor insulation consisting of high density board specified floor insulation for freezing surface and its corresponding vapor barrier formed by emulsion, bituminous membranes and polyethylene film.

Lamas finish extremely hard PVC.

Ventilation duct forming drive-return, refrigerators AP-PIR panel.

Panel rockwool, perforated micro, soundproofing and sealing special treatment.

See catalogs: (soon will be available)

Cover panel AP-CT

AP facade panel STL Straight

AP STM facade panel Microline

AP facade panel Semi-smooth STX

AP facade panel STS-Ribbed

AP-PIR Panel refrigerator; AP-PUR; AP-PIR F-1



Date:  2 October, 2015
Skills:  Paneles
Tags:  paneles, paneles valencia
Client:  Aisproyec S.L.