We invest in ENGINEERING and we seek day after day to IMPROVE by applying and developing the latest technological innovations that help you to be among the best:

Freezing tunnels,

Bread cooling towers,

Slicing tunnels.


Just as we have the engineering service for installations, we have an after-sales service department with sufficient engineering and human resources to provide the maintenance service both to the installations carried out by our firm and to the installations carried out by other installation companies.

Aluminum in a wide variety of colors.

In August 2011 the Industrial Refrigeration division was born in Aisproyec S.L, a strong commitment to a clear synergy of the activity that the company has been developing for 35 years.

With the incorporation of a team of professionals with a long history, Aisproyec S.L. takes a step forward and is positioned in the country as a leading company in the market capable of carrying out comprehensive projects (Insulation, Doors, Loading Docks, Dehumidifying Equipment, Fluids, Refrigeration Installations).

Our goal is to “BRING ADDED VALUE” to your installation by being an active part of your project; for which we seek personalized solutions that IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF YOUR PRODUCT, monitoring at all times the COST OF OPERATION OF YOUR PLANT.


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