Aisproyec S.L. started in the 80s, by professionals in the sector trained in new solutions to support industries largely food.

With only a decade in the market, we had already become one of the leaders in the insulation sector and aware of the importance of quality, the management and the team of our company decide to obtain the ISO-AENOR Certification, with a single purpose and fulfilling one of the main objectives of our company “To offer the best quality and service”.











Cold Rooms, Multiple Solutions.

Aisproyec S.L.It started in the 80s, by professionals trained in new solutions to support industries in large part food sector.

With just a decade in the market and we had become one of the leaders of isolation and know the importance of quality sector, management and staff of our company decided to obtain ISO-AENOR Certification for one purpose and fulfilling one of the main objectives of our company “offer the best quality and service.”

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AISPROYEC GROUP, SL It has a long experience in the design and assembly of chambers and cold rooms with panel “sandwich”.

For these jobs we panels insulating core of polyurethane foam (PUR) but also have the latest technology with the insulating core panels with polyisocyanurate (PIR) with the same insulation is achieved but increased fire resistance (B, S1, D0).

But most important for good insulation is not only the best quality materials but with a facility to ensure an excellent experience assembling materials. The Aisproyec Group, S.L. has a team that started the project by making a personalized study for each of our clients ensuring that they offer the best solutions for each site and continues with a group of professionals with extensive experience in all types of facilities giving security to our all customers that the product is correctly assembled.


Our goal is to “add value” to their installation remain an active part of your project; we are looking for customized solutions that improve the quality of their product, keeping an eye on operating costs of your plant.

Therefore we invest in engineering and seek every day IMPROVE applying and developing the latest technology to help you be among the best: freezing tunnels, cooling towers bread, sliced tunnels.

Like service have engineering facilities, we have a customer service department manned engineering and sufficient human resources to servicing both facilities made by our company as to the facilities made by other installation companies.


In Division Pipe Insulation (lagging) facilities cold / industrial heat, conducted with various insulation materials and finishes, according to the needs of each installation, customizing every detail of the installation. When insulation is made polyurethanes, polyurethane is used PIR Certified AFITI European fire reaction Standard BL-s1, d0.


Moisture is the water content in the air. Moisture can affect the quality of stored products and marketing conditions. Certain production processes require storage or controlled humidity level and very low. Moisture can contribute to the acceleration of corrosion processes on metals and generates condensation and puddles that can affect the safety of people in their jobs. The condensation temperature below 0 ° C generates frost and ice reduces the effectiveness of refrigerating equipment, malfunctioning doors, poor visibility in fog chamber and false detections into automatic pallet handling operations.

The Aisproyec Group solves these problems with its exclusive technology dehumidification AP-PowerDry.


Aisproyec S.L. plays the manufacture and installation of all types of automations and doors: firewall, sectional, lifting tables, vertical springs, shutters, and fast self-healing.


In its Division of Fluid AISPROYEC GROUP, SL It has a staff of highly qualified and experienced. Backed by performing a large number of industrial facilities for years including some of the most unique in the food industry, among other sectors.

We work with the best brands and the most sophisticated and advanced in the market for maximum performance with minimum consumption equipment. It collaborates with major manufacturers, being aware of the new technologies emerging on the market.

It provides personnel and constantly updated training to ensure a complete and high quality service to customers.


One activity of Aisproyec Group, S.L. It is marketing, repair and distribution of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Components.

This activity is supported by more than twenty years of professional experience in their field, specializing during this time in a wide and diverse range of sectors, including: marine, agricultural, industrial machinery, public works, food, automotive, steel, etc. .

In Aisproyec Group, S.L. analyze your needs, we give them the best solution and above all, the support of a fast and effective service.

Our experience, quality and service has made our customers stay with us showing great loyalty.

Therefore, we offer our products and services with confidence that will interest you.

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